CWRC Detractors

CWRC - A Christian Witness To Roman Catholicism - is a highly visible and public ministry. We do not believe we should shy away from the battlefields. It is our intention to press forward the Gospel with every good and righteous means at our disposal. To this end, we offer a Public Newsletter and have been engaged in Civic Discussion and Civil Debate since the inception of this work. However, all this exposure introduces us to those who disagree. Some who dissent are more vitriolic than others. We have had our share of nasty e-mails and no end to caustic comments. Some one has even constructed a Web Site devoted to the destruction of CWRC with specific hopes of undermining the work of this ministry.

Like other ministries of this type, we run the risk of being mis-represented. We also make some enemies who would like nothing better than to have us disappear. It goes with the territory.

In the main, our critics fall into two categories. The first, of course, are those in Roman Catholicism. We are accustomed to their attempts to discredit our desire to contrast their religion with Christianity. The second, are those Christians who have not studied the issues very carefully and have fallen prey to ecumenism in one degree or another. We have high hopes of educating some of these genuine Christians who are not up to speed on the perils of ecumenism and have not found the time to conscientiously investigate the issues. There are other detractors, on whose toes we have stepped, by pointing out writings and sermons of their favorite theologians which have endorsed Roman Catholicism. These folks, few as they are, cannot seem to understand that the Gospel is infinitely greater than any one person.

There are many voices of dissent and discord out there. Part of our unpopularity, in the eyes of some, is our insistence on differentiation. We think our stance for the Gospel must include a comparison and contrast with those who say they are Christian yet endorse a false gospel. We can find nothing in the Scriptures which would encourage someone to 'believe the truth' while defending the right of others to endorse heresy. This is a different spirit. It is hypocrisy. It has no place in Christianity.

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