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In conjunction with an ongoing ministry to Roman Catholicism, we have committed to helping Christians give a defense for the hope that is in them. We do this through making available the best possible literature on the Roman Catholic religion through our Web Site. But we also like to travel and speak at churches and other organizations which may have a desire to witness more effectively to Roman Catholics. To this end we have spoken at numerous churches in a variety of settings and formats. If you are interested in hosting a conference or a seminar please contact us and we will work out the details to fit your needs and your schedule.

Topics for discussion include:

Sacramental Salvation: Analysis of the heart of Rome's Sacramental System
Justification: The rallying cry of the Protestant Reformation! What is the righteousness contemplated in the justification of the un-godly?
Mariology / Mariolatry: How Rome arrives at Marian Doctrines.
Purgatory: Rome's use of the Bible to arrive at the doctrine of after death payment for sins.
Penance: Rome's understanding of forgiveness.
Baptism: Roman Catholic baptismal regeneration.
Sola Scriptura: Examination of the Canon of the text and Rome's claims for Verbum Dei.
Evangelical Catholics: Is this an oxymoron?
Ecumenism: Examination of the forces and writings of Ecumenical Theologians on both sides.
The Papacy: Is the Pope at Rome the Vicar of Christ on earth?
ECT: An analysis of Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
The Gift of Salvation: An analysis of the follow-up to ECT.
The Church: The essence of the Body of Christ in contrast to Romanism.

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